Engel Restaurant

We introduce ourselves

Almost a decade of experience and traveling half of Europe led to the realization of the Engel Restaurant. We worked in the hospitality industry for many years before opening our restaurant, we also got a taste of the world of street food, all the while walking with open eyes during our travels, to knead all this knowledge into our own dream one day.

This is how the Engel Restaurant concept was born, which is built around seasonality. We smuggle healthy, fresh, budget-friendly meals and a seasonal map accessible to everyone, where it can be followed, which seasonal vegetables and fruits are brought to the table renewed every week, in both food and drinks.

Seasonality permeates every little element of our restaurant: naturally matured, fresh ingredients purchased from local producers, which carry the highest nutritional value while also being the most budget-friendly. Every week, we sneak in the current seasonal vegetables and fruits into our food and drinks, all of which is supplemented with a seasonal map accessible and followable by everyone, so that our guests' appetites can also prepare for the weekly delicacies!

Seasonality appears in our menus, sandwiches, salads, homemade lemonades, teas, and even in our cafe, there is always a special, seasonal coffee waiting for you!
Our kitchen uses modern, energy-saving machines and equipment, and our cooling-heating system operates with the most modern heat pump technology, thus ensuring good conditions for our guests and employees alike.