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Healthy, fresh, seasonal! Every day, the Engel Restaurant awaits you with fresh, carefully selected dishes and drinks.

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Daily Menu

We're waiting for you with new dishes that change every day.

You can view our current daily menu every day between 9:00 and 16:00.

We introduce ourselves

Almost a decade of experience and traveling half of Europe led to the realization of the Engel Restaurant. We worked in the hospitality industry for many years before opening our restaurant, we also got a taste of the world of street food, all the while walking with open eyes during our travels, to knead all this knowledge into our own dream one day.

This is how the Engel Restaurant concept was born, which is built around seasonality. Healthy, fresh food and a transparent seasonal map accessible to everyone, where it can be followed which seasonal vegetables and fruits are smuggled to the table renewed every week, both in food and drinks.

Our team…

It is made up of 10 experienced professionals who work every day so that our guests can enjoy real culinary experiences.

Our goal is to…

Represent health and availability, our restaurant should offer our guests breakfast and lunch options that support a balanced, more complete diet.

Our restaurant Seasonal

seasonal dishes for our guests

Consuming the right amount of fruits and vegetables is an essential element of maintaining our health, and eating according to the current season is one of the keys to creating physical and mental balance. Our body is also a part of the continuity of nature, so it is advisable if we can adjust our own way of life to its rhythm.

That's why our plates are renewed every week, featuring the protagonists of the given season. Although the exterior changes, the valuable contents are always hidden among the flavors, our guests should simply enjoy how the fresh ingredients warm their souls.